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Hand selecting fine wood is the way we begin the process of building a custom instrument. We work with several suppliers of both exotic and domestic lumber.

The picture you see at right is a plank of African Mahogany that has been planed and jointed in preparation for becoming a body.

Clevenger Guitars

Next, the wood is formed by using a variety of hand tools to achieve the body blank.

Clevenger Guitars

After the body blank is formed, cavities are routed for the neck and the electronics.

Clevenger Guitars

After the cavities have been added, we apply our own proprietary solution of transparent dye to enhance the natural grain of the wood.

Clevenger Guitars

After the dye has dried, we apply  light coats of nitrocellulose sealer to lock in the color, followed by nitrocellulose lacquer to give it a rich finish. People who know about vintage guitars agree that this is the finish of choice for fine instruments. We often buff the final product to a very high gloss, and we often install set necks. This guitar, however, was constructed to have a bolt-on neck and has been sprayed with a rich satin finish.

Clevenger Guitars

We hope you would agree that the final product is a beautiful instrument well worth the investment. And believe me when I say, this baby will rock the house!

Clevenger Guitars
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