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Here is a short list of people you should check out. I do business with most of these folks and can attest to the quality of their stuff.

  • Big Event Music- The owner, Brent Frazier, is a great friend and is also the guitarist for the Hot Springs, Arkansas based band Midnite Parade. You can find them on my Endorsements page. While I do mostly custom orders, I also build a few guitars for retail sale. When I do, Big Event Music is my exclusive retail outlet. Call 'em and ask for Brent.

  • Alligator Records - The premier, independent label for "Genuine House Rockin' Music Since 1971."  I've met a number of Alligator's artists at the Hot Springs Blues Festival, not the least of which is my dear friend Jarekus Singleton. Don't just sit there, go buy something and support these hard workin' artists!

  • Big T Pickups - Terry is a great friend who hand winds the most incredible sounding pickups! You've got to check them out. He's a helluva nice guy. Throw some business his way by ordering directly from him, or by buying one of my guitars with Big T pickups installed. Be sure to listen to the sound clips and you'll fall in love with them like I did! AND, btw, nearly all of Clevenger guitars played by Jarekus Singleton are equipped with Big-T pickups!

  • The Big Chill - One of the best hangouts in Hot Springs, Arkansas! The owner, Gina Parks and I share a birthday, and she's about as nice a lady as you'll ever meet. Live music virtually every night of the week also! Look at some of the guitars in the "Custom" section of my site and you'll see one created just for her! Check her site for a schedule of live performances.

  • Spa City Blues Society - This organization helps keep blues music live and alive in Hot Springs, Arkansas. They are a non-profit organization, and ALL the proceeds they collect go back into the community in the form of live performances of all kinds. Check out the website at

  • Ohio Club - Arkansas' oldest saloon... open since 1905, and rich with history from patrons such as Al Capone, Mae West, and Al Jolson. They also have some of the best sandwiches in town as well as live music every weekend and some week nights!

  • Bob Dion - Starline Photographic - My wife and I love the music scene in Hot Springs, and virtually every time we go out, we see Bob taking pictures. CONTACT HIM for your next event if you want some top quality photographs! Special thanks to Bob for letting me use a large number of his photographs on this website.

  • In Tune Guitar Picks - Custom printed guitar picks that actually cost less in bulk than plain picks from your local music store.

  • Steffen Schackinger - Although I do not have an endorsement deal or a business relationship with this guy, we are 'friends' on Facebook, and I've had some very pleasant conversations with him there. However, his music is SO incredible, I wanted to share the following videos. Click here for his other videos on YouTube. Click here to purchase his CD.

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