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We encourage working artists to apply for an endorsement, but do have a 40 show per year minimum. We have a large number of endorsement requests so we have to be strict with our 40 show minimum. If you do not meet the minimum, please contact us when you do. We try to work with as many bands as possible, but we have to have to follow the guidelines.

If Accepted: We require that all endorsed artists provide one or two mp3 recordings, at least three studio quality photographs for use on our site, and a link back to our site from your site. We will put your logo, music, and photos on our site and do our best to promote you every way we can, including links back to your site.

Please be aware that the majority of our endorsement agreements result in a discounted price on our instruments. Of course, if you are on the world stage and play stadiums across the globe, we may offer you more than just a substantial discount (Eric... Carlos... Joe... are you listening? :-)

If you think you're right for us and would like to apply for an endorsement deal, fill out the form to the right, and include a link to your social media page and/or a page where we might view your performance schedule.

Due to our production schedule, review time can be up to 3 weeks.



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