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Our story begins in 1982 when a friend and I both purchased 2nd hand guitars at a pawn shop in our hometown. We promptly stripped off the existing finish and painted them with geometric stripes to make them look like the guitar of a famous rock star. We did a terrible job, but had fun doing it.

Since then, my love for building guitars has far surpassed my ability to play them. Although I do like to jam, I've discovered my talent is in the building, not the playing.

Over the years, I've built guitars and applied various names to them. For a long time, I placed the name "Berenger" on the head stock. For a time, I built guitars with the name "de'Bert" and "DCB". Some of these can be viewed by pointing your browser to my
old website. Finally, my wife convinced me the way to go was to simply place our last name, not just a derivation of it, on the instruments we build.

Did you notice I said "the instruments 'we' build"? My wife is an important part of the operation. With her sense of style and impeccable choice of colors, her many contributions to the operation are invaluable.

For a number of years, this was simply a hobby that paid for itself. I would purchase beat up guitars at pawn shops and either part them out on eBay, or refinish them and sell them. Over time, this hobby evolved into building instruments from the ground up.

Although I do utilize third-party vendors for items I cannot produce with precision (such as electronics), I do everything else myself. I work the wood, my wife chooses the color, I apply the lacquer then buff it to a gloss, I install the electronics and set up the action, I take the photographs, I even created this website.

This is a labor of love that's over thirty years old. It has culminated in some of the finest sounding solid-body and semi-solid electric guitars you will ever play. I personally guarantee it.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments.

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In 2006, my wife and I lived in a little town in Northeast Arkansas. I built a guitar for a neighbor's kid... that kid paid with his own allowance, so I charged him almost nothing for the guitar. His parents appreciated that and contacted a nearby television station in the hopes they would do a human interest story on us. The footage from that interview is below, and is rebroadcast with permission from

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In 2006, not long after the tv station did the interview, I was featured in a newsletter produced by my employer. Click here to view the newsletter. My story begins on the bottom of the first page.



 And More...

In 2008, friend and fellow Hot Springs resident, David Hughes wrote an article about us for a Little Rock, Arkansas publication called "NightFlying".  Click Here to read the article in its entirety.

Also, visit the NightFlying website for entertainment news and events by clicking the picture below.



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