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Welcome to Clevenger Custom Guitars

Ours is an artisan shop specializing in hand-crafted, one of a kind solid body and semi-solid electric guitars.

We strive for perfection and settle for nothing less than an exceptional product. As with any handmade item, there may be slight differences in appearance and design from the models shown on this site.

Although we routinely build our instruments according to four basic designs, since they are each hand crafted, no two are exactly alike. We are also able to work closely with our friends and clients to accommodate their own design specifications and preferences.

Other sections of our site describe our materials, provide photos of our processes, and display photos of friends' instruments. Look around by clicking the navigational choices at the top of the screen.

We provide the following services:

  • Custom guitar builds;
  • Body and neck finishing;
  • Neck refretting and fret leveling;
  • Wiring and electronics replacement;
  • Guitar repair and maintenance tools;
  • and will soon be offering custom cut mother of pearl inlays and a few custom made pedals.

Because all situations come with numerous variables, it is impossible to provide a flat rate price list. Please contact us for a custom quote based upon your individual circumstances.



Brent Frazier
Lead Guitar - Midnite Parade

"My Clevenger guitars give that fat tone and clarity mixed with lasting sustain. Whether it's in the studio or on stage, I've got it covered!"

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Heather Crosse
Heather Crosse and the SweeTones

"I am so proud of my Clevenger Bass Guitar! It is custom made just for me. Bert interviewed me to see what I needed…I have a neck issue that I visit the Chiropractor about frequently from playing heavy basses for many years. Bert made me a one-of-a-kind lightweight beauty!!! He even got a special psychedelic wood I liked, made it my favorite color, and put tiny leaf inlays on the neck by hand…hard work! Thanks so much! "

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